Live Webcam chat with your friends!

No Separate Installer Packages,Create Private Chat Rooms (Password Protected),No Registration,No Camera Required to see and hear People,Share Files/Media Instantly while video conferencing with your friends.

Enter Chat Room

One to one, one to many and many to many audio and video chat

After you join a room you can broadcast your web cam and microphone so that others can see and hear you.

Full screen video streams

You can watch the high quality video streams broadcasted by others in full screen!

Stamp to HD size video quality

You can enjoy stamp size video to big HD video streaming of webcam chat depending upon the necessary bandwidth of course!

Formatting options

You have full control over how you wants your text looks. with bold, underline, italic, color and font face options.

Upload files to rooms or send files directly to people

You can upload files to rooms or send them directly to Your freinds. Uploaded images are automatically loaded and previewed in the text chat area.

Enhanced users list

The new users list can display the users in the room, who is watching you, who you have blocked, etc.... It can also display the avatar of each user and weather or not the user has a web cam/mic (even tough the web cam/mic is not started) .

Private audio and video streams

You can make your audio and video streams private, this way whoever wants to see or hear you will have to request permission first!

No Installer or third party plugin's required

No special plug-ins, Java Applets, DLL's or ActiveX Controls needed to be installed !

YouTube movies displayed directly in the text chat area

You type a link to a YouTube movie, We will automatically load and preview that video in the chat!

Private messages in separate tabs

You can now hold private discussions in separate tabs, totally independent of the main room! Closing the main room will also close all PM's held in that room so beware!

No camera required

Control your own chat room, send unlimited messages, get high quality video and audio. No webcam is required to see and hear people.

Screen Share & Game Broadcast

You can share your Desktop Screen with your friends, using Third Party Software for eg. Xsplit or Camtasia

Still thinking to join or not ?

Get unlimited video time, view all the people you want as long as you want.

Watch up to 15 webcams simultaneously in high quality streaming video and audio

Host your own video chat room and moderate it.

Kick and ban people you don't like from your own webcam chat room.

Send unlimited private messages to other users.

Send files (photo audio docs videos) to others users.

Get unlimited chat time with your loved ones.

Password protect your own private room so only your friends can join.

Watch YouTube™ videos in chat. You can even share the videos with friends online.

Most webcam sites charge per minute to video chat but is just one low fee.

Join the newest webcam community everyone is talking about today!

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